Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to the Centre
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A podcast from the office of Kim Pate. Hosted by Kim Pate, an Independent Canadian Senator from Ontario and Fregine Sheehy, a law student. We bring issues affecting folks on the margins, to the centre.

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    Prisoners' Justice Day

    On this episode of Appointed, we are taking a quick break from our Guaranteed Livable Income series to talk about Canada’s prison system. In recognition of Prisoners’ Justice Day, here’s an episode that focuses on debunking myths and sharing knowledge about prisons in Canada. I, Fregine, ask Kim the questions you sent us about prison.

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    Best Interest of Who? The State or the Child?

    On this episode of Appointed we’re talking about the child welfare system and how systemic discrimination plays a key role in determining who ends up in care.

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