Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to the Centre
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A podcast from the office of Kim Pate. Hosted by Kim Pate, an Independent Canadian Senator from Ontario and Fregine Sheehy, a law student. We bring issues affecting folks on the margins, to the centre.

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    Abolish Racism: A Conversation with Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard

    On this episode of Appointed, Kim speaks with Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard about the need for action to tackle anti-Black racism in Canada. They talk about the need to create equitable social, education and economic practices, policies and approaches that acknowledge Canada’s racist history and present, and that begin to remedy the harm and discrimination that has been caused to Black Canadians. Kim and Senator Bernard also talk about the need for policymakers to not merely acknowledge but disrupt their privilege and biases in order to create equitable policies.

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    The fiction of food security in Canada: A conversation with Josephine Grey

    On this episode of Appointed, Kim speaks with Josephine Grey, an activist, human rights advocate, and community organizer who is well known for her work on healthy food security, human rights, climate action and basic income. Kim and Josephine discuss the illusion of food security in Canada; the social and economic barriers facing numerous communities in urban areas; Canada’s legal and societal commitments to food security; the ways in which food intersects with climate change; and the impact a guaranteed livable income could have for food security and healthy eating in Canada.

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    Prisoners' Justice Day

    On this episode of Appointed, we are taking a quick break from our Guaranteed Livable Income series to talk about Canada’s prison system. In recognition of Prisoners’ Justice Day, here’s an episode that focuses on debunking myths and sharing knowledge about prisons in Canada. I, Fregine, ask Kim the questions you sent us about prison.

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