Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to the Centre
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A podcast from the office of Kim Pate. Hosted by Kim Pate, an Independent Canadian Senator from Ontario and Reakash Walters, a community advocate and law student. We bring issues affecting folks on the margins, to the centre.

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    Best Interest of Who? The State or the Child?

    On this episode of Appointed we’re talking about the child welfare system and how systemic discrimination plays a key role in determining who ends up in care.

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    Transformative Justice: Healing in Place

    On this episode of Appointed we're talking about challenging systemic marginalization by healing interpersonal harm. We ask what the role of transformative justice is in the work of decarceration and unpack the difference between restorative justice and transformative justice.

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    Coronavirus: Equalizer or Magnifier?

    On this episode of Appointed we're discussing the novel Coronavirus pandemic and its varied effects on each of us. Far from The Great Equalizer, COVID-19 is instead magnifying existing societal inequities.

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    Don't Label Me!

    On this episode, we're unpacking labels like "victim" and "criminal".

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    Turning the Tides Against Solitary

    On this mini-episode (well, as mini as we're ever able to get) Kim and Reakash discuss the recent push in the Senate to overhaul the government's Bill to "end" solitary confinement, Bill C-83.

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    Livable Incomes for All

    All paths to income equality seem to point towards a National Guaranteed Livable Income Program -- find out why on the newest episode of Appointed.

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    Beyond Incarceration

    On this episode of Appointed we're talking about decarceration and why Canada needs WAY more of it.

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    Mandatory Minimums Aren't About Justice

    Kim and Reakash discuss Bill S-251, legislation that, if passed, would give judges discretion to decide whether or not to apply mandatory minimum sentences.

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    Segregation and Solitary Confinement in Canadian Prisons

    On this episode of Appointed, we're talking about segregation and solitary confinement. What's the difference? Didn't the federal government's Bill C-83 end the use of segregation? What can average people do about it? Press play and find out.

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